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Brian Allison

I had the pleasure of meting Brian through my soon to be wife's coworker and I am so glad I was introduced to such a great talent! If you want to be one of those people that say "I knew him before he became so successful" this is your guy. He not only can play guitar riffs that will give you goose bumps but his vocals are killer.

Logo Design

Brian was looking for a fresh start to his new solo album that was going to be coming out and was looking for something very simply to portray himself. I decided to go with a handwritten/drawn style and it really suited his new look.

Redfield – Album Art

When I first listened to Back in the Middle, the first thing that came to mind was a scenic field or countryside. After getting the photography together it was time to design within this unique layout. The album used a pocket template so there was no jewel case. I love creating things like this because it is not only eco friendlty but it makes the designing a bit of a challenge. I definitely needed to create mockups and use my 3D skills in order to create an asthetically pleasing piece of work.

Redfield – Gig Posters

It is very important for bands to promote before shows and Redfield / Brian wanted me to create a generic poster using some of their band photography. Most of the photography was in more of a rustic setting. I needed to break them out of the environment they were in (literally) to match the newly released album. The bottom of the poster was left blank where they could place their own info for the shows they were playing so that they would not need to constantly reprint the posters.


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