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Frank Lucas

I have had the pleasure of watching Frank grow his craft as a musician since my high school rock band era and wehave been friends ever since. He is a musical genius and has been a part of many amazing projects involving Jennifer Lopez, Jordan Rudess, Dee Schnider (Twisted Sister) and Evanescence to name just a few. In 2015 he went for it all submitting two of his albums, "A Little Secret" and "Christmas Is...", to the Grammys. Keep Frank on your radar, this is just the beginning for him.

"A Little Secret" Album Art & Grammy Submission

This album was so much fun to create and promote. We created a series of"I have a seceret.." and "Want to hear a secret?" teaser social media image posts that engaged the audience before the release. This recieved a huge response and when it was time to let the album drop everyone was excited to hear the brilliant tracks insdie. The photography for the cover was taken by the very talented Rob Olewinski and then was adjusted / manipulated by me. The inside CD tray illustration was done by Michael Gonzalez and then later refined by me to fit within the theme of the artwork.


When this was initially created, there was no intention of submitting the album to the Grammy Board but after the response Frank recieved we all felt it was something that should get noticed. Even though he did not get the nomination, it made it to the very end of the voting process. This is a huge accomplishment in itself and I am very proud of Frank's work. Hopefully in the near future we can get him on stage holding the pristegious award!

"Christmas Is" Album Art & Grammy Submission

This album was a lot of fun as I actually went back in time to my photography archive to pull some images I took back when Frank and I first connected. The piano comes from an old shot I took back when I was in college and would hang out at the recording studio a lot. Frank played hours of music on this piano for many artists. I thought this would be a really neat element to incorporate into the artwork. Creating the snow effect was used with cotton balls and the trees were from an old photo I took when we went Christmas Tree cutting with my family years ago.

The creation of this website was simply a blast! Frank and I had talked about creating a "Frank-book" site for quite some time as he started utilizing Facebook as his personal home page. Over time, he needed a place to keep everything he was doing permanently posted on the web so he could help promote himself rather than having posts that floated off people's feed. Click here to visit the website and learn more about my musical genious friend!

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