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I am a Creative Mind, Designer, Illustrator, Entrepreneur, Adventure Seeker, Photographer, Musician, Sandwich fanatic etc. This list can go on forever..

You might ask "How could someone have such a variety of interests?" The answer is simple. In order to rise from the pack you need to be involved in everything. Knowledge is key and not just book smarts; real life experiences and interaction.

I have made it my goal in life to pursue creative genius. I know that is saying a lot. Trust me, the word genius seems almost too intense but creative genius is all around us. It can be in the simplicity of the "Nike Swoosh" or the complexity of Mozart's "Requiem". Even though it is something I may never achieve the challenge will be worth it.



I have come to the realization that I have been an artist my whole life. From drawing cartoon characters in my playroom in the first grade to filming movies with friends in high school. I thought for sure that I was going to be a director or post production editor. That was until i took my first Graphic Design course in high school. From then on I found my true passion and started freelancing for clients ranging from small business to national music acts.

Today, that passion still lives. In fact, it has grown quite a bit along with my craft and experience. Working with Fortune 500 clients, small businesses, musicians, and every day people I have gained a well rounded portfolio of clientele. I am not satisfied either. I will keep pushing on to do better and greater.

Thanks for stopping by,

— Andy Valde


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