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There are three simple steps that I take every time I create a project. I believe that by following these steps while having constant open communication with a client, every project will reach its fullest potential.



In order to fit the client's needs, I need to know as much as I can about the client, their competitors, target audience and more. This stage reminds me of a college student cramming the night before the test. Tons of things to learn within a short period of time (the deadline).

After researching, everything is compiled into a concept map. From there, the best ideas are chosen, compiled and brought into word lists to help create visual representations.


This stage is the key to a developed project. Without it, there is no organization or main idea to base anything off of.

At this stage I take the word lists and concept mapping and melt them down into the building blocks (the lego pieces) of a concept. After a variety of concepts have been created it is time to design.


After creating the concept to the lego pieces, I go ahead and start building with them. The key here is to create a variety of options so the client has alternative routes to choose from.

After presenting these options to the client, it is either time to revise to their changes or move on to the application phase.


I like to show my clients how it is going to look in a real life scenario. Mocking up everything is also a great way to check how big or small something may read. Not to mention it is really fun to see what something is going to look like before it is printed. Mock-ups can save money on changes that come after printing too.


That's all folks! This is the part where you sit back and relax. Before sending everything to print I will go through, double check image resolutions and sizes, spelling and color call outs. Once this is squared away, the printer does the heavy lifting!