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Mr. and Mrs. Boyce

Kate and Jeremy are great friends of mine and I am so happy they put their faith in me to photograph their special day. I was fortunate to work with Cecily Conard on their special day as she was camera #2 shooting for us that day. All I can say is, what a fun couple! I am so happy for them and their new future.

The Groomsmen

I know how it feels to be a part of the wedding party and just want to get on to the partying so I expected some difficulty following these guys around for the day. The funny thing is, I was completely wrong! They wanted to get the photos done so they could get a drink at the bar before the ceremony.

The Wedding / Reception

I was extremely nervous shooting this wedding as it was my very first one and I did not want to disappoint the bride and groom. As the ceremony started, I am so glad that Cecily and I planned out our attack strategy. She was a great teammate and we were able to cover all angles of the ceremony and reception with our cameras.

If I learned anything from this process it would be to own an external flash. I am so glad that I purchased one before the wedding. There are a lot of shadows and lighting issues to battle while shooting a wedding. The important thing is, I was able to fight back and adjust on the computer with ease after the wedding.


Congrats again to Jeremy and Kate Boyce! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about photography.

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