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CAD & CRC — Advertisements

photography provided by Amy Aiello

When I was asked to create an advertisement for a group of talented companies and individuals it was extremely difficult to turn it down!

Keyboard and musical sensation Frank Lucas (Left) and Grammy Award winning engineer Mat Lejeune (Right) are pictured wearing the brand new CAD M510 Headphones. Primary focus for these ads are to show that this product is used by professionals. The way to a fine tuned product is to use what these guys are using.

Getting Tuned Into The Product

I was lucky enough to be provided my own set of M510 headphones for this project. Let me tell you, these aren't for the faint of hearing. Or what I should really say is, you can hear everything coming through the jack! Without a doubt these headphones are the best out there for production.

The Design

It was pretty black and white ( no pun intended ) on what I was looking to do with the ads after listening to the headphones. A huge thanks again to Amy for providing the CRC studio photography with the product. For the color ad I wanted to have the right amount of information on there without losing sight of the product. A big thanks to Brittany Conard for helping me with the color ad with Matt and Frank pictured.

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