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Callaway - Product Catalog

This was one of my favorite projects in college that showcases the perfect combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. The requirement for this project was to take an existing product catalog and redesign it to make it better. I chose Callaway as I was working for a golf course at the time and I loved their branding and style. I felt that I could push their style guide and look to a new level that would appeal to a younger audience as well as maintain its current audience.

Redesigning Process

When I started going through the catalog I noticed a lot of errors that made it to print. They had spelling errors, punctuation errors and some product shots needed color adjustments. I didn't realize how much work was going to be needed to fix these initial errors on top of creating a new concept and overall layout.

When I started getting my ideas together, I knew that I wanted to create a more modern "sporty" layout. I also wanted to incorporate page dividers that would help break up the sections of the catalog. The original catalog had one product displayed on a page so the book was insanely huge. I found a way to condense these pages so potential customers didn't feel like they were reading the golf accessories bible.

Design Execution

Since I had the product catalog already with all of the product images on there, I scanned in all of the pages at a high resolution on a large scanner. We are talking at least 200 pages of product so I think it is safe to say I am a scanning expert now!

Once all of the products were scanned in, I had to key in the product descriptions by hand so I could manipulate the wording and fix the punctuation and spelling errors. Next, the designing of the section indicators, template and photo manipulations for page dividers were done. Pulling everything together, I was able to play with the order of the pages and the project was complete.