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Flux - Packaging And Marketing

My alter ego in college, Arthur Wombel, needed to be used as a marketing device and I never thought I would be able to do it until I thought of this fictional product: Flux. This product, if it was real, would be a competitor with AXE products. Instead of targeting marketing toward the jocks and ladies men, it targeted our nerdier or smarter population.

Release Your Inner Nerd

There is nothing wrong with being nerdy. Heck, its more likely that the nerds in high school or college will become our leaders and most successful people. Either way, this product was designed for those of us that need to embrace our inner nerd. The packaging was adopted from an existing package as this was just for fun but it would have a very similar look. I wanted to give everything a very scientific yet modern look. Having products that are engineered to help men embrace their logic as well as be seen by the ladies was the over all goal.

The best ay to market this would be direct mail, billboard and social media. Having a character that could appear was crucial as that is something that AXE does not do and it would be a fun way to get potential customers involved. Arthur Wombel and his silliness is what would make this product memorable and then the quality of the product would handle the rest.

Designing Process

This was so much fun to create because I got to dress up like the classic nerdy scientist and act dorky. We decided to shoot this in a number of locations but that final product was something that would appeal more to high school / college students as I included a locker room in the background. Everything is simple, straight to the point and about the product.