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Johnsaurus — Product Photography

tee art created by Johnson Le

Johnson is a very talented and motivated artist and friend of mine. When he contacted Jordan Benker to model his product I was honored when I received the phone call to take some lifestyle photos. Extreme sports and music was the target audience so I came up with the perfect mash-up to combine the two.

"Reservoir Dogs"

Since Johnsaurus originated in California I thought it would be a great idea to try to mimic the old school style skate environment with the clothing. After I told Jordan about the idea he loved it and we headed to a secret location. I used to skate this spot when I was in high school and hadn't been back in years. Long story short, it was the perfect shot for these lifestyle photos.

Applying The Lifestyle Shoot

Once we submitted the photos to Johnson he went ahead and used them for his marketing. The shots were featured on his website to help display and entice customers to purchase the product.

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