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Jordan Benker

Jordan and I have known each other since 2007. We have grown together as musicians and artists and have gone through a lot together. As he started to go out on his own as a solo act I helped provide all of his artistic and graphic needs to give him a professional look. He has come to me for just about everything a musician would need involving graphics: album art, photography, concept art, social media graphics, digital distribution graphics, posters and the list goes on and on.

Look Out Love - "Just - Like - That"

When Jt came to me for an idea for his new single he was on the cusp of creating his band Look Out Love. We needed something that was going to pop and jump off the shelf but also show that he is Look Out Love. We went back and forth with a few ideas but nothing was really sticking. Then we came up with this comic book idea using a recent photo that was taken of him. We wanted to make it look like a high end photo with comic book features. After agreeing this was the direction, I went in and distressed the skin tones and created heavy contrast like you would see in a comic book. In some parts, I had to draw his features back in.

"Smile For Me" Digital Distribution

This project gave me a chance to have a little bit of fun with multiple medias. Even though this was set to be distributed digitally, we wanted to create a simplistic yet unique album cover for this release. The typography is hand written by Jordan to give it a personal feel. It took quite a few takes on writing out "Smile For Me" and "By Jordan Benker". Once we got it nailed down, I scanned it into the computer and we were all set.

The photography was extremely unique for this project as we used three layered methods of photography. Layer number one was the initial shot. Since the first song of the album was titled "Polaroid" and we were recreating the lyrics in the song, we had them take a "selfie" with my Polaroid instant film camera. This was the first photographic layer. Next, from the same angle, I was holding a DSLR photographing them photographing them selves. This was used later to adjust the features in their face as well as do some color adjustments. The third and final method was photo copying the actual Polaroid print from the camera.

From there, the type was added and the flash in the image was made brighter. We were set! The final technical steps were to save everything out to match size requirements for iTunes and Spotify.

"Don't Stop Running" Album Release

While Jordan was signed to his record label he had a new album come out. With this release he needed promotional products as well so he could sell them while on tour. This was the first album that we needed to create graphics that would work for not only an album cover but for posters and other promotional items.

Photography Projects

Since 2007 it has been extremely important to Jordan to keep up on promotional photo shoots. This is especially important because his style is constantly changing. Looking through his photo library you not only notice him growing up but also becoming a more established musician. His photo shoots have ranged from concert photography to on location shoots to studio photography. The key in all of our shoots is to show his personality and keep him as true as we can to his style.

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