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Muir Glen - Packaging

This project was assigned to me in college. The requirements were to take an existing label that could be improved on and to apply it to the packaging that it currently is on. I chose Muir Glen as I thought there would be a better way to display the freshness in their tomatoes other than sticking hundreds of tomatoes on the label.

Showing The Freshness In Salsa

Tomatoes are juicy, fresh, and the perfect summer vegetable. Muir Glen's label was for their salsa line. Salsa is inviting and for snacking or what I like to call a "hang out food". I wanted to incorporate that idea into the graphics as well as the freshness of their tomatoes. I remembered when I was a kid watching the old Ocean Spray commercials the freshness and crashing waves they used. To me it symbolized freshness and bold taste. That is when the idea came to me.

I thought it would be a great idea to have a tomato sitting as an island in the middle of the ocean. Having waves crashing along the sides of the tomato showing that juicy freshness. I also placed a lawn chair on top of the tomato opened up inviting the customer to come over and sit down and hang out.

Concept Execution

Everything for the scene with the tomato was executed in Photoshop as it was a classic photo manipulation. Using the photo of a lawn chair, tomato, palm tree and wavy ocean, I combined them into the overall graphic image. After that, I worked with the dielines to center the image properly on the package. I extended the image all the way around to the back of the package where the nutritional facts and description of the salsa was.