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Planet 10 Studios Bandcrashers Website

Growing up, I have been really involved with music and playing music in bands. Planet 10 Studios was our local recording studio that we worked with up until 2010. The best part is, this recording studio wasn't only for recording music. It was a hub for everything and anything music. They hosted events and had a whole range of musicians come through. Local bands, national acts and classic rockers all shared this space.

Bandcrashers Technology

Bandcrashers technology is something that was amazing to me in 2009 and is still amazing to me this day. In a nutshell, they hook up camera feeds to a satellite and that in turn feeds the signal and broadcast live to the internet or TV. The amazing part about this is the viewers get to control their camera angle on their computer. This allows for a more personalized viewing experience.

The Design

I had done quite a bit of design work for Planet 10 Studios but this project is the one that really stands out the most. I created the design of the template which was going to be used to televise a live jam session between musical geniuses Jordan Rudess ( Dream Theater ), Marco Minneman ( The Aristocrats ) and Daniel Jakubovic ( Against The Wall ).